Santa Cruz Community Church

Who We Are

We’re an older congregation with a youthful sense of optimism for what the Lord is doing and what He is about to do in this church.   While honoring our past, we’re embracing the future.

We are a community church with Baptist roots.   But we teach and preach Jesus, not doctrine.   Believers from many denominations have found a home in our fellowship.   We still believe that the Bible is the only reliable source for building and sustaining our faith.   If you want to study the Bible, we’ll find, or we’ll make, a place for you.   We provide Bible Studies on Sunday morning and Wednesday night.   We also have other Bible courses available.

We are a people of prayer who rely on the grace and the power of the Lord to provide everything we need.   We only use what the Lord gives us to carry on His ministry.   Maybe you’re the one who has what we’ve been praying for.   We meet together for prayer on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and prayer is a vital part of our worship every Sunday morning.

We are a church that has always been strongly involved with missions, here in Santa Cruz, in our nation and throughout the world.   Check out our missions page here.

We are a place where faith is strengthened; a family where faith is shared; a community where faith comes alive.

Jesus said, “On this rock, I will build my Church” and it has been exciting to watch Him build it.

We may not have what you think you want.
But we definitely have what you really need.