Santa Cruz Community Church

What to Expect at Santa Cruz Community Church

If you expect to find a church that is doing things the way just about every other church is doing them today, you’ll probably be disappointed.


If you expect to find a church that is still doing things exactly the way they were done in the past, you’ll probably also be disappointed.

The truth is that none of us knows exactly what to expect each time we gather together to worship the Lord and study His Word, and that’s what makes our experience so fresh and exciting.

Whether you live in the Santa Cruz area or are just visiting for the day, you can definitely expect to be greeted warmly and made to feel welcome.  You can expect a congregation of about 50 people.  You can expect to be singing some favorite, traditional hymns, along with some of today's songs of worship and praise.  You can expect your faith to be strengthened and challenged by preaching that comes straight out of the Bible.  You can expect to find people who are genuinely loving, and who will be willing to pray for you...if you want them to.  You can expect to experience the joy and comfort of being in the presence of the Lord.  You can expect to find a place for you, if you want one.   Would you like a place to serve?        Click for our openings.

Now that you know what to expect, can we expect you?

Address & Contact Information

411 Roxas St.
Santa Cruz, CA   95062
(831) 423-1080

Sunday Schedule

  9:30 AM Adult Bible Study
  9:30 AM Girls Of Grace Class
  9:45 AM Praise Team Rehearsal
10:30 AM Welcome Fellowship Coffee
11:00 AM Worship Service